Half-day Whale Watch Cruise

Half-day Whale Watch Cruise

Provided by Spirit of Hervey Bay
From $100
Great Sandy Straits Marina, Hervey Bay 8:30am & 1:30pm Mid July - October
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Enjoy a half-day whale watching cruise on Spirit of Hervey Bay. Look at the whales through the underwater viewing rooms.

Hervey Bay Whale Watching on a fast catamaran, enjoy spectacular sights both above and below the waterline.

Like to eye-ball a Humback Whale? Venture down below the waterline to the underwater windows to see the Hervey Bay Whales play.

Listen to the beautiful songs of the humpback through an underwater hydrophone.

With the largest viewing area spread over 6 levels there is plenty of room to move around to capture the Hervey Bay Humback Whales from every angle and take that perfect photo.

A first class Whale Watch Cruise offering excitement for all ages for Hervey Bay Whale Watching.


  • 1/2 day whale watching from Hervey Bay
  • Morning Tea
  • Guaranteed sightings or your money back (10 August – 10 October) or free return ticket outside these dates
  • Underwater Viewing Windows
  • Waterline Viewing Platform
  • Fully Licensed Snack Bar
  • Luxurious Fast whale Watch Vessel
  • Large Underwater Viewing Rooms
  • 24 metre Streamline Catamaran
  • 25 Knot Cruising speed
  • 5x LCD televisions
  • Stereo, Video and CD Player
  • Air Conditioned
  • Hydrophone Equipped
  • Underwater Recording Cameras
  • Waterline Viewing Platform
  • Fast, Stable and Luxurious
  • 2x Full walk-around + open air top deck
  • Amphitheatre seating
  • Four large domestic toilets
Family (2A + 2C)
  • Hat
  • Enclosed Shoes
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen

Departure Details

8:30am & 1:30pm
Location / Meet point:
Great Sandy Straits Marina, Buccaneer Dr, Urangan

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