Whale Behaviour

Humpback whales are one of the most rewarding species of whale to watch.

They are very active, physical and inquisitive. Whilst many of their activities are useful tools for communication or navigation they also do these things just for fun.


whale behaviour mugging2

A Humpback whale is about the only thing you actually want to be mugged by... well maybe not personally but certainly the boat you are on. The activity of mugging exposes the Humpbacks curious nature. Mugging is when the whales come right up to the whale watching boat often within inches of whale watchers! When a whale mugs a boat you can actually look it in the eye!

Hervey Bay is the only place in the world where the whales consistently and closely approach the boats in a mugging behaviour.


whale behaviour breaching

Breaching is a spectacular behaviour to experience. When a whale breaches it leaps mostly or completely out of the water. Humpback whales do this more frequently than other whale species.

Spy hoping

whale behaviour spy hoping2

When a whale under the surfaces of the water and wants to have a quick look around above the surface, it lifts its head straight up out of the water in order so its eyes are just above the surface of the water. This is called Spy Hoping.

Tail & Fin slapping (Lobtailing)

whale behaviour lobtailing

Many species of whales and dolphin can be seen lobtailing. This is where they lift their tails out of the water and bring it back down with a splash! Humpbacks can also be seen performing similar behaviours with their long tail.